App can not load anything or stuck at loading screen. It is maybe the WIFI issue. Please try this workaround
  1. Uninstall app. (optional)
  2. Should update "Google Play services" to the latest version. (You can uninstall the update and reinstall it)
  3. Must forget the current network. (important) (*)
  4. Restart phone and try again.

For Wi-Fi: (*)
  • - Please go to Setting -> Wi-Fi -> Forget using network.
  • - Turn off your Wi-Fi router for 5 minutes.

For Mobile Data: (*)
  • - Please go to Setting -> Cellular Network (or mobile network) -> Access Point Name (APN) -> reset or clear profile -> restart phone for sure.
  • - The setting location may different phone branch but it is quite similar.
應用無法加載任何內容。 這可能是WIFI問題。 請嘗試此解決方法。
解決 方案:
  1. 卸載應用程式 (可選)
  2. 應將 "Google Play services" 更新到最新版本。(您可以卸載更新並重新安裝它)
  3. 必須忘記當前網路。(重要的) (*)
  4. 重新開機手機, 然後重試。

對於 Wi-Fi: (*)
  • - 請轉到設置-> Wi-Fi -> 忘記使用網路。
  • - 關閉 Wi-Fi 路由器5分鐘。

  • - 請轉到設置 -> 蜂窩網路 (或移動網路) -> 存取點名稱 (APN)-> 重置或清除設定檔----確定重新開機手機。
  • - 設置位置可能不同的手機分支, 但它是相當相似的。
App always show Google Play service issue

App required Google Play services latest version, please update it from Play store. If it is not work, this is mostly happen on Android TV, because it uses lite version. Please uninstall update and download full version from below.

On Android TV, not all devices have USB port to copy and install .apk file. You can use Puffin Browser app to download the .apk of Google Play services full version.

我們很抱歉帶你到這個網站 ?

應用需要Google Play服務最新版本,請從Play商店更新。 如果它不起作用,這主要發生在Android TV上,因為Android TV使用Lite版本。 請從下面卸載更新並下載完整版本。

在Android TV上,並非所有設備都有USB端口來複製和安裝.apk文件。 您可以使用Puffin Browser應用程序下載Google Play服務完整版的.apk文件。

Android TV require browser to view

Sometime episode data has expired but we have found for you the external source. And you have to play it on browser with the owner ads. Mobile has Chrome but Android TV don't have built-in browser.

So we recommend some browser on Android TV to help you. Please check the link below. It just help you know the app name. You should find and download it from Google Play from you Anroid TV.

我們很抱歉帶你到這個網站 ?

有時情節數據已過期,但我們已為您找到外部來源。 你必須在瀏覽器上播放所有者廣告。 Mobile有Chrome,但Android TV沒有內置瀏覽器。

所以我們推荐一些Android TV上的瀏覽器來幫助你。 請檢查下面的鏈接。 它只是幫助你了解應用程序。 您應該從Anroid TV的Google Play中找到並下載它。                     

Puffin Browser
You want to run app on laptop, desktop

Currently, we only support android version. But you can download android app player such as Bluestacks, Nox player..., etc.

Setup the emulator as the normal android device then install aDrama. It will help you run android app on your laptop, desktop, macbook.


目前,我們只支持android版本。 但是,您可以下載Android應用程序播放器,例如“Bluestacks”,“Nox player”等。

將模擬器設置為普通的Android設備,然後安裝一個Drama。 它可以幫助你在你的筆記本電腦,台式機,macbook上運行android應用程序。

The details of app permission
  1. Run at start up: this is specially for Android TV recommendation (mobile & table required this permission because aDrama is the universal app)
  2. Record audio is for voice search, specially for Android TV version.
  3. Network access: for streaming video.
  4. Prevent phone from sleeping: ensure screen is not turned off when playing video.
  5. Storage permission for backup and restore watching list.
  1. 啟動時運行:這是專門針對 Android TV 推薦的(移動和表需要這種權限,因為“aDrama”是通用應用程序)
  2. 錄製音頻用於語音搜索,特別適用於Android TV版本。
  3. 網絡訪問:用於加載視頻。
  4. 防止手機進入睡眠狀態:確保播放視頻時屏幕未關閉。
  5. 備份和還原監視列表的存儲權限